Time for your company to go green? 

With the UK Government under increasing pressures to increase renewable energy consumption by 20% by 2020 is now the right time for your business to start earning an income from the resources you already have? 
The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government scheme which will provide an income for the use of renewable energy systems such as Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar. This combined with access to specialist finance which is secured for 95% of our projects, there is no doubt that this is a great time to invest in renewable energy. 
But what type of renewable energy source is right for you? Would you be surprised if I told you that a ground source heat pump has double the tariff of the equivalent biomass system? This type of system can not only earn you a steady income for the 20 year life of the tariff, but it will also make huge savings on your heating for decades to come! 
Shane McDonald, Director of Calibrate Energy said “The long term savings we are achieving for our clients are so impressive, and with the RHI payments, many of our clients are earning well in excess of £100,000 over the initial 20 years of having the product installed. This is definitely the future of renewable energy and something that every savvy business owner should be looking at”. 
If you’re interested in finding out more about how your company can benefit call our team on 0800 043 4769. 

Renewables - The Future Long - Term Investment 15th May 2014 

Thinking of making an investment? Tired of forking out extra money on rising energy bills? 
An alternative solution is available for you... 
When it comes to investing your hard earned money, you need to do so wisely. Banks are currently only offering very low rates when opting to open an ISA or any other savings accounts which can be a meagre approach if you are looking to make a real investment. 
There is a more viable option available - take control of your own money and invest in making significant energy efficiency improvements to reap a larger return on your investment. 
At Calibrate Energy, we have seen a significant rise in businesses opting to make an investment in energy efficiency technology as opposed to placing their money in a savings account. 
Since making the investment, our customers have noticed reductions in their energy bills, whilst occupying a warmer and more efficient property. Our customers have been able to achieve this by selecting one, or a combination of, the following Government backed schemes: 
1) The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) 
Under this scheme you can switch your current heating system to a renewable heat system such as heat pumps, solar thermal or a biomass boiler and you will receive financial incentives. A meter will measure how much heat your renewable energy system produces and you will receive quarterly payments for the amount of clean, green, renewable heat your system produces for over 20 years if it is commercial. 
2) Feed In Tariffs (FITS) 
This scheme allows businesses receive a financial incentive for fitting renewable energy systems into a property, generating electricity on a local scale. Technologies which qualify for the scheme include solar electricity, wind turbines, hydroelectricity and more. By installing the electricity-generating technology you can get money from your energy supplier. You are able to use all of the electricity that you generate or if you wish you can even sell it back to the grid for an additional premium. 
We have recently installed a 150kW, 460 panel Sunpower solar PV system to Hullam farm based in the North East, which will achieve financial payback within six years and generate a combined revenue and savings of over £1,000,000 within 25 years. And, of course, reduce the environmental impact of using fossil fuel. 
3) Green Deal 
You can make energy efficiency improvements to your business as part of Green Deal, whilst making no upfront costs. The scheme caters for a great deal of improvements including solar panels, boilers, heatpumps and many other energy efficiency improvements. The key advantage of the Green Deal is you can make improvements to the property and you pay back the cost of this through the savings you make on your energy bill. The golden rule of The Green Deal is that the expected financial savings must be equal to or greater than the costs attached to the energy bill. Your energy bills will never increase, you will see the reduction in your bills and pay for your improvements with the savings made. 
All three schemes are available to businesses. By investing in renewables and energy efficiency improvements, you will receive a higher return on your investment, notice a significant reduction in your fuel bills, and have a warmer, more energy efficient property, whilst helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. 

We successfully install the North’s Largest Solar PV System at Hulam Farm 8th May 2014 

We are proud to announce that our recent installation of a 150kw, 460 Solar Panel PV System at Hulam Farm in Northumberland is believed to be one of the largest installations of its kind in the North. 
The owner of Hulam Farm, Michael Allen, decided to look into installing a Solar PV System as he was alarmed at the prospect of his increasing energy bills. A Solar PV System proved to be the solution to all of his problems, not only would it put a stop to his increasing energy bills but he would also gain long term fuel security and secure an additional income via the Government’s Feed in Tariff. 
After deciding to go ahead with the installation, Mr Allen is delighted with the finished result and is looking forward generating a revenue of over 1 million in the next 25 years. He also believes that installing Solar PV Systems is a perfect solution for many more farmers, as it allows farms to become more sustainable, operate in a way that is far more cost effective and significantly reduces their operating costs. 
There is often a misconception that people who live in rural areas find it difficult to access affordable heat, but Hulam Farm’s recent installation really proves that this could not be further from the truth. Despite gruelling weather conditions and the majority of the work being delivered at high heights, the installation was completed in just six weeks. This even involved laying 500 meters of new unground caballing, installing 3,000 meters of aluminium railing and adding more than 2,000 fixtures and fittings. 
Completing the work has made us even more confident in our plans for the future, if we can deliver this amount of work in a rural area and with such a short timescale, we are more than confident that we can provide the same high standard of work wherever and whatever the job. 

Calibrate Energy Replicates Its Previous Kiwi Success 1st May 2014 

At Calibrate Energy we are transferring our successful New Zealand business model to the UK - it is already proving a technical success with an order book full till the end of the year! 
As Managing directors, we believe Calibrate Energy are the only business in the UK to specialise in renewable heat pump technology that can be managed and maintained off site and we can save businesses up to 30% on their overall maintenance costs. 
We sold a successful New Zealand business last year to return to the UK as we were convinced we could replicate exactly the same business model from our offices in Northumberland. And with a network of clients spanning the country – we are doing exactly that with funding recently offered from angel investors to support the rapid growth of and the unique technology behind the business. 
Our customers are benefitting from proven state of the art technology never before available or used in the UK. We are very proud to be providing our customers with leading edge technology never before used or available in this country. We’re very passionate about sourcing and using the very best technology and retrofitting this to suit the customer need. 
All our clients can be absolutely reassured that they’re getting the very best, most technologically advanced equipment on the market, that will deliver the very best performance and is bespoke to their business requirements. We offer an end to end service and are able to offer excellent service from start to finish. 
Shane and Susie McDonald 
Managing Directors 
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